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Entertainment & Nightlife in Venezuela


Monday must be the only night Caraqueños get any sleep, because Tuesday seems to be the unofficial start of the weekend. By Saturday the whole population appears to be out on the town. As in much of Latin America, the nightlife doesn't really get swinging until close to midnight. Although Caracas is generally pretty casual, clubs often require men to wear jackets. Take a taxi after dark no matter where you go or how short the distance.

There are many night clubs and discos in the major cities of Venezuela. The National and Municipal Theatres offer a variety of concerts, ballet, plays, operas and operettas. There are other theatres, some of which are open-air, in Caracas, as well as large cinemas in most cities.

Caracas is a big, cosmopolitan city, and your night time options are many and varied. It's advisable to stick to the more upscale and relatively safe neighbourhoods such as Altamira, El Rosal and Las Mercedes.

The Juan Sebastián Bar, Avenida Venezuela, El Rosal (tel. 0212/951-5575), is a popular restaurant and bar -- and the most consistent place in the city to catch live jazz. Expatriates, locals and tourists alike enjoy the TAZ Sports Bar, Avenida Principal Las Mercedes and Calle New York (tel. 0212/992-0343). The name of this raucous bar is an acronym that stands for "Typical American Zoo," which says it all. Rockers head to Greenwich, Avenida San Juan Bosco, Altamira (tel. 0212/267-1760), a small place with live bands; or Little Rock Café, Avenida 6 between 3rd and 4th Transversal, Altamira (tel. 0212/267-8337), a knock-off of the Hard Rock chain that also has live bands on most nights.

El Maní Es Así, Avenida Francisco Solano and Calle El Cristo, Sabana Grande (tel. 0212/763-6671), is one of the more popular salsa and Latin dance spots. Open every night except Monday from 5 pm until around 5 am, they charge no cover and always have a live band. Planet Bar, Avenida Principal and Calle New York, Las Mercedes (tel. 0212/992-8312), and Masai, Centro Commercial San Ignacio (tel. 0212/267-6703), are two other good dance spots, with more modern musical selections.

Located just across from the Caracas Hilton, the Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex (tel. 0500/67372 or 0212/574-9122; and the Ateneo de Caracas (tel. 0212/573-4400) are the places to go for live performances. Top-notch popular and classical concerts take place in the Teresa Carreño, while film series and modern theatre are often on tap at the Ateneo. The Trasnocho Cultural, Centro Comercial Paseo Las Mercedes (tel. 0212/993-1910;, is a new and popular option with a beautiful theatre and a couple of cinemas offering a steady diet of live music, theatre and avant-garde cinema. Check the local papers or ask at your hotel for a performance schedule. Ticket prices range from Bs 2,000 to Bs 30,000 (US$ 1.25-US$ 19).





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