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Maids in Venezuela (Domestic Help)

It's very easy to find people who will help you out (maids, gardeners, nannies, etc.) at very reasonable cost. The problem is always to find people that you can trust. This does not come overnight. You must use a network of people that you will meet over time to recommend other people of trust that you can hire. It is a good idea to not be too trusting and naive. Just keep reminding yourself that this is not like what you are accustomed to in the west and you must always take a step back to check things out before making commitments.

If you are considering a watchman or security guard for your new house then you have to be even more careful in your background checks. It's an unfortunate fact of life here that many robberies are assisted by or directly done by the very people you are paying to protect you.

Another caveat is the cognitive ability of the help. A lot of hand holding and precise instructions are required.

Both live-in and live-out maids are avaliable. In general, avoid hiring locals as maids, as they are known for their low work ethic. Colombians, Trinidadians, or Guyanans work harder, and for the latter two they usally speak English and Spanish—which really comes in handy.

The average wage for a part-time maid is about 15,000 bolivares a day. Live-ins go by a different rate, roughly between US$ 250-300 and nanies between US$ 500-700. Bonuses are paid at Christmas and after a year of service.





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